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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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. and i think it would be good for them to hear that if there is a mandated direction, then how can we simplify it for the small business person in terms of cost, access to that requirement, things of that sort, so there are readily achievable components. mobile foods -- and then the other, excuse me. i wanted to say i am working with supervisor weiner's office to put together a meeting for the valencia street merchants as well, and would like to thank supervisor carmen chiu for her leadership on this. she has been helpful with
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pulling together city departments, the department of building inspection, and the mayor's department on this ability to work on a joint program together. -- on disability to work on a joint program together. mobile food -- dpw will hold their hearing at 6 in the morning to present to the public the guidelines, the permitting process, and to get feedback. if there is not a lot of changes or recommendations for them to consider, they are targeting a february 1 implementation date for the new permitting process. last week, i was a part of the meeting to work with some of the guidelines with dpw, including with food. we also had kevin wesley from the golden gate restaurant association.
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and we had matt cohen from off the grid. we had the representation of pushcarts, trucks, and restaurants to create some guidelines around food for the hearing officers to be able to use. it was a very constructive meeting. local hiring -- last month, we heard the local hiring legislation. it did pass. it passed without the delayed implementation for the lbes. hrc will be monitoring and keeping the commission apprised of any negative unintended consequences to the san francisco lbes regarding the requirement to fulfil the local hiring mandate. in july, i am hoping to have a
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presentation from the police department around the sit lie, how they are educating their officers and will be implementing this. that will be at our february meeting. bath oils and greece -- with fat oils and greease, it is waiting to be assigned to committee. with the board of supervisors, the new committees have not been established. in likelihood, we will know by the end of the weak who is assigned to what committees, and things will be scheduled. supervisor mirkarimi's plastic bag legislation is still under ceqa. you have seen things being installed in areas of the city on the parklets. the zoning controls for the van ess special use district ended
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up being -- the final result of the legislation ended up being that it is going to be a discretionary -- discretionary with internal review with the planning department. there were some interesting dialogues with the planning department around the other entertainment uses, which ties in very well with what we are working on with supervisor mirkarimi's office. the congestion pricing study, the transportation authority board unanimously approved the final report. excuse me. the board unanimously approved the report and voted to approve additional studies. that means there will be
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additional studies being undertaken for the congestion pricing. they did exclude the southern gateway scenario of what is to be considered. then we have our city commissioner voted on by the board of supervisors as the interim mayor. i anticipate that will be ratified tomorrow. of course we would like to welcome our new supervisors. i also would like to congratulate jocelyn came for her appointment to the executive director for the entertainment commission. a couple of final calendar items. a very 17, the small business network and the council of
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district merchants will be hosting their joint event at the mint. it is to meet the mayor and the supervisors. small business week is may 16 thru 21. that saturday is the shop your neighborhood. i would like to think commissioner adams for his willingness to be decommissioned appointee for sitting on the small business week committee. lastly, i want to do a reminder that it is every commissioners responsibility -- the commission has taken it upon as a project to recognize city employees and small businesses. we still need more nominations in this particular area and
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encourage you to talk, especially for the employee recognition program, to members of the business community. they are the ones who are interfacing with them on a day- to-day basis and would love to hear about employees who are providing great service. with that, unless there are any questions, i conclude my report. commissioner yee: thank you. next item, please. >> before we begin the commission report, can we go back to items 3 and 4? those are from the november 8, 2010 minutes. president o'brien: but to approve. commissioner yee: i second. those in favor? the motion carries. >> item 4, approval of the
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minutes. commissioner o'conner: we do have a quorum? but to approve. move to approve. commissioner yee: those in favor? >> great. a thank-you, commissioners. i wanted to make sure we got those in. next item will be 13, legislative and policy committee report. the committee chair is not present. i can report that it looks like all legislation has been covered. the committee did not meet last month due to the christmas holiday. they are scheduled for january 24. commissioner yee: thank you. next item. >> the permiting committee report. >> i want to combine this month's report with next month's report, which is combined into one. >> thank you.
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outreach committee report? commissioner clyde is not present. would you like her to defer that to the following month? >> you will defer to the following month. >> item 16, president's report? commissioner yee: no report. 17, vice presidents report. no report. 18, commissioner reports? commissioner yee: seeing none. >> 19, public comment. commissioner yee: there is no public present. there is no new business. >> is there a motion to adjourn? commissioner yee: i move. >> the meeting is adjourned at 8:00 10 p.m.
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>> 911: fire/rescue, may i help you? >> caller: we have a fire at 1000 howard.
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>> 911: is everyone out of the building? >> caller: ahhhh, as many people as... >> caller: ...the raymond hotel's on fire and there's about 20 people evacuated. >> police: shots fired! >> police dispatch: okay, code 33 adam 11 david, shots fired at geary and leavenworth. >> 911: fire department, may i help you? >> caller: ...i hear the ambulance, but i wanted to make sure they're coming here. >> engine 8: command, engine 8, go ahead. fires...medical...and police emergencies require that we get there in a hurry. lives and property are at risk! a quick response requires your help. every second counts. hello, i'm san francisco fire chief joanne hayes-white. the following video will show you how to safely move over for red lights and sirens and help us get
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there. in today's fast-paced world, we are all in a]
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paying more attention to what's going on in the car than what's going on outside of the car...and then there is always the person that isn't going to move over. >> all of these things contribute to our having a delayed response to many of the emergencies we respond to. these also contribute to our having a higher rate of accidents. >> but emergency vehicles have to get there! every second counts! it is a matter of life or death. what if the next call we responded to was a loved one? about if it was to your home? or what if you were involved in an automobile accident? would you want emergency responders to get there in a hurry? would you want others to move over so we could get by and get to your emergency in a timely manner? >> then is also ...the law! >> california state vehicle
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code section 21806a states the following: >> when you see and hear an emergency vehicle approaching you, it is your obligation by law to pull over to the right and clear the road for them. the fine for 21806a of the vehicle code usually runs around $360 and it could be a possible point on your driving record. >> here are some useful tips on what to do to help us get there!
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keep your music and radio level down so you can hear the sirens. curb cellar phone useage to a minimum while driving. use your mirrors often. watch for us...when going through intersections. in the city, when driving in congested areas, if you hear sirens or air horns and you do not see the flashing light, please do the following: slow down. stay calm. turn your radio down. check your mirrors frequently. stay focused and anticipate the emergency vehicle. don't: panic. (don't) enter an intersection until it's clear. while at intersections, and you are stopped and you hear a siren or see flashing lights, do the following: look to see where the emergency vehicle is approaching from. if the emergency vehicle is
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behind you, safely move towards the right. if the emergency vehicle is approaching from the front or side streets, remain stopped until they have passed. >> if you are approaching an intersection and you hear a siren or see flashing lights, please do the following: safely pull to the right. stop before entering the intersection. don't stop in the middle of the intersection! if you are on a one-way street and you hear a siren or see flashing lights, you need to: stay calm and alert. pull over to the far right. and stop when safely able to do so. >> don't: follow emergency vehicles -- stay 500 feet behind. don't: move until all emergency vehicles have completely passed. while driving on a freeway or highway and you hear sirens or see flashing
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lights, please do the following: move to the right when it is safe to do so. reduce speed and let emergency vehicles pass. don't: try to pass an emergency vehicle while it is responding with red lights and sirens. people think what they are doing is more important than the incidents we are responding to. we would like them to approach it from this angle: if the emergency that we are responding to was to the home of their loved ones or in their own home, how quickly would they want us to get there? any help we can get from the public is greatly appreciated. that's all we ask. please keep in mind that you must obey any traffic direction, order, or signal a traffic officer, police officer or firefighter gives you. you must obey any order in an emergency or special
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situation, even if it conflicts with signs, signals, or laws. remember, every situation is different. use your best judgment and drive safely. never put yourself in harm's way. don't panic, pull to right and let emergency vehicles
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